Nose reshaping

Rhinoplasty, nose reshaping, is medical procedure in the field of cosmetic surgery that is designed to reshape the nose into a desired form. The process involves choosing the proper surgeon and fully discussing the risks and rewards of the procedure. There are two methods used in Rhinoplasty that will vary depending upon the level of change the nose will require

The two methods are the closed method and the open method. These techniques vary based on one main facet. The closed method does not cut the external skin and is performed entirely from within the nose. The external nasal skin will shrink to fit the new nose. The open method is performed via a small incision to the columnella. The columnella is a tiny sliver of flesh that resides between the nostrils. Once the columnella is cut the skin of the nose will be gently lifted up so that the surgeon can reshape the nose in accordance with the desires of the patient.

Nose reshaping is a cosmetic surgery that comes with a few typical side effects that almost always occur. These side effects are swelling and bruising around the nose. Typical side effects that might also occur are red splotches from burst capillaries, numbness at the tip of the nose which is normally temporary, and stiffness along the nose which is unfortunately permanent in most cases to date.