Dentist Services in Milton Keynes

Dental services in Milton Keynes cover every aspect of oral health from annual cleanings to orthodontic surgery. Services offered by Cosmetic dentists in Milton Keynes cover aesthetics all the way to reconstruction and replacement. Depending on your needs you may need to embark on an overall oral health plan or a combination of procedures in a particular order to achieve your goals. For instance, if your desire is to straighten and whiten your teeth you may need to straighten them first and whiten later as part of a long term correction plan including regular checkups and cleanings.

Regular checkups and cleanings are the number one way to prevent decay and damage to teeth but they are also one the most overlooked aspects of dental care. An initial visit or consultation is the first step in cosmetic dental work and will most often prompt a thorough cleaning, x-rays and evaluation of your overall dental condition. From there you and your surgeon can develop a plan of action to attain your goals.

Whitening and stain removal is the at the top of list when it comes to services offered by dentists in Milton Keynes and they outnumber most other procedures by a large margin. Everyone wants a healthy white smile so it is no surprise that so many of these procedures take place all across the UK each year. A typical whitening treatment consists of making a custom bleaching tray from a mold of the patient’s teeth. This custom tray ensures that the fit is comfortable and the whitening is consistent across all of the teeth. Patients can usually see results in less than two weeks and the treatment only requires wearing the trays for about an hour or so each day.

Straightening and realignments are very popular just like whitening but they tend to be more involved in terms of invasiveness and the time required to complete. Luckily modern braces fit better, take less time work and are more affordable than the treatments of the past. This better fit significantly reduces the amount of pain traditionally associated with braces. Braces today come in different colors and there are even totally transparent braces that are almost completely invisible. An alternative to bracing is a set of transparent trays similar to the bleaching trays that are periodically exchanged for a slightly different one each time the teeth have moved to meet the shape of the current tray. What ever your goals may be, the services offered by dentists in Milton Keynes will help you get there.